Elizabeth A. Drummond (she/her)

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I am associate professor of history in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I am also the director of the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in Social Studies/History and affiliated with the Jewish Studies Program. I was educated at Georgetown University, with a Bachelor’s from the School of Foreign Service, a Master’s in German and European Studies, and a doctorate in History.

I am a social and cultural historian of modern Central Europe, with a focus on national identity, nationalist mobilization, and the experience of national conflict in the German-Polish borderlands. More recently, I have begun a project focused on the artist Max Thalmann. I am also a member of the team that founded and maintains the interdisciplinary digital project the German Studies Collaboratory.

I teach broadly in modern European and world history, including a first-year seminar on the Holocaust; introductory surveys in world history, environmental history, and European history; and upper-division courses about modern Germany, European imperialism, gender history, and popular culture. With my colleague Amy Woodson-Boulton, I received the 2018 Inclusive Excellence Upper-Division Course Transformation Award for transforming the History curriculum from LMU’s Intercultural Council. I am a co-founder and co-coordinator of the German Studies Association‘s Teaching Network and previously taught at the University of Southern Mississippi and George Mason University.

I just completed a term as chair of the Department of History (2017-2021), having previously served as associate chair (2016-2017). I have also served two terms as president of the LMU Faculty Senate (2015-2017), an additional year on the Faculty Senate Executive (2017-2018), and two terms as chair of the BCLA College Council (2018-2020). In recognition of my service, I received the 2018 Popiden Distinguished Faculty Service Award from Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. I also currently serve as chair of the Seminar Committee of the German Studies Association’s Program Committee.